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GRADES 6 – 8

Starting OCTOBER: 10/14/2020

6:00PM – 7:00PM
Zoom Meeting (Link coming soon)

Our Middle School program seeks to plant the Seed of Faith at this very significant time of life: Junior High.

It is a time where a young person is, more than any other time, forming the basis of their identity in the world.

We seek to help them ask those important questions and root their identities in God and their Catholic Faith.

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GRADES 9 – 12

Starting OCTOBER: 10/18/2020

6:00PM – 7:00PM

Zoom Meeting (Link coming soon)\*(or MUSIC CENTER when noted. Located in building behind Main Church)*/

Our program seeks to draw young people closer to Christ by building community, learning the teachings of the Faith that fosters discipleship,

and to assist them in understanding their role in the life of the Church.

Please contact: Sam Estrada at 425-277-6209 or email

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Interested in doing something impactful this summer? Listen more about how you can get involved with Mission

and make a difference in the community by being the Church in service!

Contact Micie DelosReyes, to get involved.