Gymnasium Use

In accordance with the “Parish Events Prioritization” document the Gymnasium is available only for Parish sponsored use.

Request for Gymnasium Use form.

Gymnasium Use Policy

This policy is designed to both promote and protect the use of the St. Anthony Parish Gymnasium. The Gym is designated primarily as an athletic/physical fitness facility. As such, the majority of usage during the School year will be by the St. Anthony School Physical Education Department and CYO Sports Programs. In addition, however, it is the desire of the Pastor to promote other usage of this great facility. This policy regulates gymnasium usage.

Overall supervision of the Gymnasium is the responsibility of the Parish Administrator. Except for the regularly scheduled School Physical Education Program, anyone wishing to use the Gymnasium is required to submit a “REQUEST FOR GYMNASIUM USE” form. This form is completed and signed by the adult supervising the event. The form must have the authorizing signature of the St. Anthony Department Head sponsoring the applicant, or of the CYO Commissioner. The Parish Administrator must approve the form. It is then given to the Parish Receptionist for placement on the Parish Calendar. In addition to that form, the applicant will be given a copy of the Gymnasium Rules and Responsibilities document.

The school will have priority use during the school year on weekdays and on evenings or weekends for special occasions. The Physical Education staff has supervisory responsibility for gym use during school hours. St Anthony CYO will have priority use after school hours on weekdays and for CYO league play on weekends for their Basketball and Volleyball seasons. The St. Anthony CYO Commissioner has supervisory responsibility for all CYO activities. The hours of usage are defined in the Gym Use Rules and Responsibilities document.

Parish ministries and groups can use the gym for athletic activities or other events any time it is not in use by the school or CYO. There are times when parish events may require the space provided by the Gym and this will be communicated at the beginning of the Ministry year. CYO will respect the day and time of the week that the St. Anthony Youth Ministry Groups meet as defined in the Gym Use Rules and Responsibilities document. Coaches will not schedule practices at that time so that CYO players can attend these activities and the gym will be available for use by other ministries.

Supervisory responsibility rests with the applicant for the group requesting use of the Gymnasium. The applicant or their designee is required to be present at all times during gym use. The applicant or designee can be a coach, staff member, parishioner, parent or adult volunteer. The sponsoring department head is the contact when the Rules and Responsibilities are not followed or for any matter regarding gym usage.

It is our hope that everyone granted use of the gymnasium will take personal ownership for its care and in the enforcement of the rules and regulations.

The office will document any misuse on the “Request for Gymnasium Use” form.

The first incident will result in verbal notification by the authorizing sponsor to their applicant or designee.

A written notification will be sent from the authorizing sponsor to the Parish Facilities Manager and to the applicant or designee on the second occurrence.

A third reported incident within the allocated use period is cause for review and possible termination of gym use. The Parish Administrator in consultation with the Pastor will make this decision and notify the authorizing sponsor of their decision. The sponsor will then take appropriate action to support this decision

In accordance with the “Parish Events Prioritization” document the Gymnasium is available only for Parish sponsored use.

 Gymnasium Use Rules and Responsibilities

  1. The school will have priority gym use from August 25th to June 20th, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 7:30 AM and 3:30 PM. The school PE staff has supervisory responsibility for gym use during school hours.
  2. St. Anthony CYO will have priority gym use for practice from November 1st to May 1st between the hours of 3:30 PM and 8:00 PM weekdays, except to 6:00 PM on Wednesdays. Also from January 1st to April 30th, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturdays, and from 12 Noon to 6:00 PM on Sundays, for the CYO basketball and volleyball seasons. The St. Anthony CYO Commissioner has supervisory responsibility during all CYO events.
  3. Other gym usage hours must be scheduled with the Parish office by submitting a completed Request for Gym Use form. Gym use shall not be granted during higher priority Parish sponsored events, or scheduled gym maintenance.
  4. Children in the gym must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  5. No liquids other than water are allowed in the gym. Only bottled water is permitted during athletic events for use by the participants.
  6. No eating or gum chewing is allowed in the gym. If a person is found eating or chewing gum, they will be asked to discard it. If they refuse, they will be asked to leave the gym. If they refuse to leave, the team with whom they are associated will forfeit their contest.
  7. Gym court users must wear appropriate, clean, gym shoes before entering the court.
  8. Gym users must use only painter’s masking tape to affix anything to the gym walls or floor. All taped items and tape must be completely removed at the conclusion of the event.
  9. Prior to approval for use, gym users must be properly trained in the use of gym equipment.
  10. Only adults specifically trained in the use and operations of bleacher setup and storage are permitted to move the bleachers and use the electric tractor.
  11. The adult in charge is responsible for proper setup, and storage of any equipment used and for gym cleanup. Any equipment that has been moved or altered must be returned to its initial state at the conclusion of the event. (All basketball goals to playing position, bleachers stowed, divider curtain up, all equipment stowed, lights off, all doors locked.)
  12. All equipment malfunctions or damage must be reported immediately to the Parish Facilities office at 425-277-6219.
  13. Groups using the Gym accept financial responsibility for any damage caused as a direct result of their use of the Gym.
  14. Pets are not allowed in the Gym.
  15. Spiked or stiletto heeled shoes are not allowed on the gym floor at any time.
  16. It is the applicant’s, coach’s or sponsor’s responsibility to enforce these rules.

Gymnasium Access and Key Control Procedures

  1. The Gymnasium Usage Policy defines the procedure to be followed in scheduling gym usage for the organizations or groups authorized to use the gym. This Policy does not define the responsibilities of the person(s) entrusted with access to the gym.
  2. This Procedure establishes the approval process and the key control procedure to prevent misuse of the gym through unauthorized access. It also defines the role of the Parish Sponsors for the groups and organizations authorized to use the gym. It complements the Gymnasium Usage Policy.
  3. The Parish Administrator has overall responsibility for the use of the gym and the authority to grant or deny gym access. The Parish Administrator has ownership of the gym keys; however, the actual physical control of the keys is delegated to the Facilities Manager.
  4. Every group or organization must have a Sponsor. The Sponsor assumes responsibility for the use of the gym by a group or organization and signs the applicant’s Request for Gym Use form authorizing the applicant to obtain a gym key for the prescribed usage period and purpose.
  5. Upon the acceptance of a Request for Gymnasium Use form, the Facilities Manager will determine the need for assigning a gym key to the applicant authorized by the form. If a key is to be loaned, the number of the key is noted in the Facilities Manager’s Gym Key Log along with the issued and expected key return dates as shown on the Request for Gym Use form. The Facilities Manager will also enter the assigned key number on the Gym Use form.
  6. Responsibility for a gym key cannot be transferred. Authorization for gym use by an organization or group is only through the applicant named on the Request for Gym Use form. If a different person assumes responsibility for the organization or group, that person must complete a new Request for Gym Use form.
  7. The recording of scheduled gym usage periods is done by the PMC Receptionist according to the Gym Use form. The forms will be collected and filed by the Receptionist. The usage period(s) will be entered into the Parish calendar and will notify the Receptionist when the usage period expires. The Receptionist then notifies the group’s or organization’s Sponsor and the Facilities Manager. If the key is not returned by the scheduled date, the Facilities Manager notifies the gym user’s Sponsor who is responsible for the timely return of the gym key.
  8. Gym usage is restricted to the time period(s) listed on the Request for Gym Use form. Possession of a gym key does not authorize casual or unscheduled, gym use. Additional use by an organization or group requires the period(s) to be scheduled in the normal way.
  9. The Receptionist does not authorize gym usage, monitor gym usage, or assign gym keys to users except for keys in the Receptionist’s possession for that purpose. A Request for Gym Use form is required for these purposes and is provided to the Receptionist in advance. Contractors, service personnel or visitors needing access to the Gym must be arranged in advance with the Facilities Manager.
  10. The Facilities Manager may also loan a gym key to a contractor or service personnel. A Request for Gym Use form is not required as the Facilities Manager assumes responsibility for the key. If necessary, the Receptionist or school is notified, in advance, if the contractor’s or service personnel’s activity interferes with any scheduled gym activity.
  11. The Sponsor’s responsibility is to ensure the gym is not misused and that the gym key is returned at the specified time. Only keys assigned to the school, the Receptionist, and the Maintenance and Security staffs may have an indefinite return date; subject to a change in personnel or assignments.
  12. All user organizations or groups have definite start and end dates for gym usage. If an organization or group desires continuous gym usage, the gym can be reserved for not more than six months at a time. Gym usage for extended times requires submission of a new Gym Use Form for each six month period.
  13. The consequences for gym misuse are as set forth in the Gymnasium Usage Policy.
  14. A lost or destroyed gym key must be replaced at the user’s cost.