Parish Hall Stewardship Rules


Please be a good steward of the facilities of your Parish.
After your meeting or activity, leave the place in perfect condition.
If you find that the place was messy when you entered it, let the Facilities Office know by calling (253) 266-8095, and be generous and clean up the other group’s mess.
If there is no other activity after yours, please shut and lock all the doors and windows, and turn off the lights.

Kitchen and Coffee Room

When cooking on the grill or burners, make sure an adult is always present. This is a safety issue. After cooking, clean grill and the food traps located under the grill.
After your event, clean the kitchen: wash the floor and the counter tops, scrub the stove, wash the pots and pans, and clean the sinks, clean outside surfaces of refrigerator, the freezers, the dishwasher, and the sinks.
Rinse dishcloths after use and hang on rack to dry.
When you wash the floor, use one cup of floor soap for one bucket of hot water.
Please put everything away. Nothing can be left on the counters. It clutters the place, and another group could throw things out accidentally.
Do not take any pots, pans, utensils, or other equipment out of the kitchen. If you think that you will have leftover food, bring your own pots or containers to take your food home.
In the refrigerator and the freezer, you can store only a small quantity of food, in tightly closed containers, and only temporarily. Put your groups name on the container. Unmarked food will be donated either to the School kitchen, to charities or will be discarded.
Turn off all the coffee machines, clean them, and put them away.
Close all the cabinet doors tightly to prevent the mice from getting in.
Take out your garbage. Place new liners in the garbage cans. If you dirtied a garbage can, please wash it. If the dumpster is full, do not place the garbage bags by it but leave them inside the building. The custodial staff will discard them later. The crows regularly tear up the bags and scatter the garbage.
Flatten the cardboard boxes and place them in the recycling bin outside.

Main floor

Dust mop the floor.
If you had food during your activities, check the floor for spillage and food remnants, and if it is necessary, wet mop or at least spot mop the floor.
If you wet mop the entire floor, change the water after half of the floor is done.
Use at least one cup of floor soap to one bucket of hot water.
Vacuum the entrance and the coat room.
Take out the garbage from the entrance garbage cans and put new liners in them.


Check the bathrooms.
Pick up the paper towels from the floor.
Wipe the counters dry.
Clean the toilets, if it is necessary.
Do not allow anyone access to the stage, especially children.
Do not allow children to jump up and down on the stage. This is a safety issue.
The curtain is to remain closed at all times.
Before you leave, if you have used the stage, check it, and clean it if dirty.


If some of your activities took place outside, or the participants of your event spent time outside, check the surroundings of the entrances and clean them if they are dirty.