Becoming a Steward of Talent for Parish-wide Events

Coffee & Donuts (Sundays)

Coffee and Donuts volunteers help the parish community meet one another by providing coffee, donuts, and juice. No special skills are needed, just courteousness. Volunteers help the scheduled organizations fill in spaces as needed. Contact Hanh Lentz at 425-277-6208.

Lenten Soup Supper (each Friday of Lent)

Glenda Johnson 425-227-6908. This ministry offers a meal that the community can share, providing a time together before the Stations of the Cross devotion. Volunteers make soup, prepare bread for about 200, greet those who come, serve the meal, and clean up afterwards. Open to anyone with the desire to serve.

Liturgical Ministers Day (January)

The Liturgical Ministers’ Day is retreat day of training for specific ministers. This day brings together volunteers from various liturgical ministries to allow them to share their journeys and stories, and to help them see the gift that they are for our parish community. Open to volunteers who understand the liturgy. Email Dulce Casanova.

Parish Paschal Meal (Holy Thursday)

This event provides an all-Parish feast on Holy Thursday to remind us of the Last Supper, to honor the members of RCIA, and to create a transition between Lent and the Triduum. Volunteers set up, attend to the kitchen detail and welcome our guests. Contact Hanh Lentz at 425-277-6208.

St. Anthony Feast Day

To celebrate our patron saint’s feast day Anthony of Padua on June 13, a Mass and potluck are planned for the middle of June. Everyone comes! Contact Hanh Lentz at 425-277-6208 if you are interested in helping.

Taste of St. Anthony

Many volunteers are needed to make this one of the crowning events of the whole parish. Every culture is present to provide ethnic food, music, dance and singing. Contact Hanh Lentz at 425-277-6208 if you are interested in helping.

Parish Picnic

Scheduled during the summer, parishioners are invited to come for good food, games and fun. Parish teams provide the activity. Contact Liza Pare-Seidel at 425-277-6194 if you are interested in helping.

St. Anthony Night at the Mariners

Scheduled during July, provides an opportunity to cheer on the home team with your parish family. Contact Hanh Lentz at 425-277-6208 if you are interested.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Celebrated on Dec. 12 and honors the appearance of Mary to Juan Diego. Contact Dulce Casanova at 425-277-6217.

Simbang Gabi

This is a nine-day celebration in the Filipino tradition before Christmas. It is celebrated throughout the Archdiocese. St. Anthony hosts one evening for everyone to come. Mass and a reception in the Hall. Contact Tita Gonzalez at 206-228-9986.

Vietnamese New Year

Celebrated on the first day of the first month of the Lunar calendar (usually around late January or early February). It is a very important holiday and festival in Vietnam for pilgrims and family reunions. Contact Michael Ho at 206-390-7403.

Support (any event)

Baking, Cooking, Decorating, Floral arrangements, Photography, etc. These volunteers are on-call to attend to special occasions when their services are required. Contact Hanh Lentz at 425-277-6208.