Sacred Times Policy

The Pastoral Council has adapted the following policy on January 5, 1999.

There are times in the Parish when no other activity should interfere with the spiritual activity of the Parish. These are sacred times for the life of our people. These are also one-time events, which are not repeated for our convenience as is Sunday Mass.

We declare the following events to fit the description given above:

  • the All Parish Reconciliation Service during Advent and Lent,
  • the Sacred Triduum from Holy Thursday evening until Vespers on Easter Sunday,
  • the events of a Parish Mission or Retreat,
  • the Feast of Christmas beginning on Christmas Eve to Christmas Vespers.

While these events are happening, no other events should be scheduled unless they are an extension of these events, such as the Potluck on Holy Thursday, the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, or the RCIA Retreat on Holy Saturday.