Coffee Hours Guidelines

coffee-578249_640 Supplies and utensils available in the kitchen

  • brewing system
  • wooden blocks above main window towels
  • tongs to handle donuts
  • large juice container

Items supplied by the parish and available in small kitchen in general cupboard

  • coffee; 3 lb. can should be enough
  • tea bags; put these in small kitchen window
  • creamer powdered; placed in 3 glass containers to pour from in small kitchen
  • sugar; three glass containers can be put out, in small kitchen
  • napkins; approximately 500; put a small stack in small window; large stack in main window
  • cups; some for tea; some for coffee; more near-by
  • juice cups; near the juice
  • spoons
  • coffee stir strips

Items which you will purchase with a gift card

  • Juice; one large can of powdered Tang
  • Donuts from Renton Downtown Safeway

People needed

Arrange for people to set-up and clean-up. For serving, five people are sufficient after each mass; one to man the juice window and oversee cream and sugar; one to man the coffee pot at the main window; two to hand out a donut on a napkin; one check on coffee pot levels. Extra people can keep tables clean; keep children occupied in the Hall; be hospitable.

One week before

  • Organize your crew; get a firm commitment from 4-6 people per mass.
  • Delegate the set-up, clean-up and separate tasks.

Wednesday before

  • Make arrangements with staff for keys and table/chair set up.
  • Check parish calendar for any other events before or after coffee and donuts.

Friday before

  • Pick up full set of Hall keys from Parish Ministry Center.
  • Pick up a gift card from the front desk.

Sunday morning

  • Arrive at Hall by 7:00 AM (first two people).
  • 7:30 am: pick up and pay for donuts and juice at Renton Downtown Safeway.
  • Lights in the hall can be turned on according to season: middle bank of lights for warm summer day; full lights for winter.
  • Open both kitchens.
  • Set up tables and chairs if not already done.
  • Large wooden blocks stored above the main window are set in place for juice and coffee pots.
  • Make coffee: Follow the instructions on the brewing machine in the small kitchen. A can of coffee is near the brewing machine
  • Tea: There is a spout on the brewing machine for hot water.
  • Make juice: Read instruction and make according to a 4 gallon container. Add ice first. Mixing the juice by adding water from the sink in the small kitchen by using a smaller pitcher is easier than lifting and carrying. Long wooden or metal stirring spoons are in the drawers in the large kitchen.
  • Set out the sugar, creamer, tea, cups and napkins, a couple spoons, and coffee stirrers in the small kitchen window.
  • Set out cups, napkins and small donation container in main window.
  • Serve donuts from the boxes.
  • Put up posters to let people know who you are.
  • Put on your best smiles, relax, and be ready for lots of people.
  • If someone needs help getting their coffee and donut to a table, be there to help.
  • Watch for children running around in the hall and on the stage. Gently remind them to return to parents as needed.
  • Remind the children to bring back a cup for a juice refill, not to waste cups or donuts. Good stewardship is worth teaching.
  • Money: As money collects in the small container, dump it often into the plastic money bag. After the event, make sure the bag is sealed and given to the Sacristan to put in the Church safe. Place receipts in the envelope with the gift card.
  • Any extra donuts can be sold in 6s to those who are at the last service.


  • Wipe off all counters, front of cupboards and any spills inside cupboards.
  • Refill and replace sugar, creamer and tea. Return unused napkins and cups.
  • Wash and dry all dishes, utensils and coffee pots. Make sure the coffee grounds are removed.
  • Wash all tables carefully.
  • Put all chairs and tables away. Be sure to stack tables and chairs according to instructions on storage room doors. (Hint: after 10:30 crowd begins to thin, ask some of the people to help clean tables and return chairs to closet.)
  • Sweep all floors (mop spills and kitchen floor if necessary).
  • Empty garbage into larger bags and into dumpster. Follow instructions as to full dumpster. The key hangs on the hook on the long kitchen cupboard.
  • Check bathrooms, pick up papers, empty garbage.
  • Empty cans by main entrance of Hall.
  • Turn off the heat and the lights.
  • Check to see that all closets, drawers, and cupboards are locked.
  • Lock all doors. (Keys may be returned today by slipping them through slot in the Parish Ministry Center door.)

donuts-431863_640Monday after

  • Let Yolanda know if there is a need for more supplies. A Hall form is in the large kitchen to check and sign after the clean-up. Notes can be made as to how you found the kitchen. Give this to Yolanda too.
  • Emergency: Call 911 for police, fire or medical emergency.
  • Parish Office: 425-255-3132. Other numbers are posted in the kitchen.