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St. Anthony Catholic Church is a culturally rich, engaged parish, that evangelizes and forms disciples by nurturing an encounter with Christ.

Our Parish is a spiritual home for 5,200 members in downtown Renton, WA. 

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The Church is open for private prayer daily, Noon - 2 pm and 5 - 7 pm.

Marian Consecration Prayer

Marian Consecration Prayer

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Anthony Parish,
Gov. Inslee has announced that churches may resume public worship but with limited restrictions. We are eager to return to celebrating Mass together in the church once King County reaches Phase II of the “Safe Start” reopening plan. However, we must be able to ensure the safest environment for the people gathering in an enclosed space. The well-being of our community is a priority.

As we discuss and plan for the limited public celebration of Mass, we think it is important to get a sense of our parishioners’ readiness to return to Mass while the pandemic continues. The dispensation from Sunday Mass will continue, so you are not required to attend public Mass at this time. Thus, while it is possible for the faithful to begin to return to Mass soon, we will continue to livestream Masses.

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Queridos Parroquianos y Amigos de la Parroquia de San Antonio,
El gobernador Inslee ha anunciado que las iglesias pueden resumir culto público pero con restricciones limitadas.  Estamos entusiasmados de regresar a celebrar Misa juntos en la iglesia una vez que el Condado King entre a la Phase II del plan de apertura “Comienzo Seguro”.  Por lo tanto, debemos de poder ofrecer un ambiente seguro a la gente que se reúna en el espacio encerrado.  El bienestar de nuestra comunidad es de mayor prioridad.

Al crear el plan para la celebración de la Misa pública, pensamos que es importante tener un sentido de la preparación de nuestros parroquianos al regresar a Misa durante la continuidad de la pandemia.  La dispersión de Misa dominical continuara, así que no están requeridos a asistir la Misa pública al momento.  Así que aunque existe la posibilidad de que los fieles puedan asistir a Misa, seguiremos transmitiendo las Misas en vivo.

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Works Supported By Annual Catholic Appeal

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Works Supported By Annual Catholic Appeal (Spanish)

Archbishop Etienne Streaming Daily Mass

The Church is open for private prayer daily, Noon - 2 pm and 5 - 7 pm.

All other events are cancelled until further notice.

You are in our prayers during this challenging time. Please pray for those affected by the virus, especially those who have died and their families.

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Formed is a valuable resource that gives you access to a wealth of media to assist you and your family in the journey of your faith. From movies to books, audio and programs, this resource can supplement your learning in every aspect of your every day life.

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St. Anthony School

St. Anthony School has a wonderful tradition of educating students. Since 1927, we have taught children to be joyful, loving and Christ-centered individuals, capable of serving others and bettering the world. That strong tradition continues in our school today with a very dedicated and caring faculty and staff. Together, we have a commitment to provide a strong educational base for our students to prepare them for High School and beyond.  We also want to build their character, teaching academics alongside service in a program deeply rooted in taking care of others and in our Catholic faith.

Our Sister Parish in Haiti

Our sister parish, Ste. Anne de Hyacynthe is just 5 km up a mountain ‘road’ from Petit Goave, which is a bustling town 25 km from Port au Prince via a good coastal road. The ‘road’ up the mountain from the town of Petit Goave to village of Hyacynthe features stunningly beautiful views from a path that might discourage a mountain goat. Separated by great distance, but united by our common baptism and our Catholic faith, we seek to develop a bond between our parishes that is based upon mutual respect for the spiritual and cultural gifts of each other’s community, and to discover new ways of experiencing and honoring our identity as the Body of Christ.

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